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Who We Are

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

We are a small non-profit group of Toronto area Christians who have a desire to Follow Jesus’ footsteps by sharing His love for the homeless and help to meet their needs. We operate through our drop-in centre and church in Moss Park, located in the shadow of downtown Toronto, in a very high-needs area. We offer food and clothing and hair cuts with listening and prayer, with individual and group meetings. We have weekly Sunday Worship, Tuesday Outreach, Friday Healing services and Bible studies, as well as seasonal special occasion celebrations and meals. The Followers Mission increasingly works with a broad array of other Toronto and regional Christian ministries for further outreach in the name of Jesus, especially on most Saturdays.

Our Weekly Activities

We are given the opportunity to show the love of Jesus in word and deed and bring HOPE to those who are in desperate need. As they attend or join these activities, we see the life changing power of God’s love and presence working everyday. As we open these weekly services and meetings, we are strengthened and growing. The transformation then becomes a testimony to the community of the power of God to redeem.

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How We Started

Following a short-term mission to Russia in 1992, God opened the eyes of Followers Mission founder Young Wha Kang, an ordinary Toronto housewife, to the needs of the lost and poor. Then after working on staff the following year at a Christian (YWAM) summer camp called King’s Kids, she focused on helping the homeless. God called her to continue the ministry on the street in the Moss Park area. What initially started as a weekly outreach with a dozen donuts and a single 12-cup thermos of coffee, it grew and acquired a small space, formerly a tattoo parlour, of 600 square feet. It then added a next small store as it quickly became a daily outpouring of God’s love and concern for the broken-hearted ones of downtown Toronto.


Originally started with family funds, we are now supported by a faithful number of giving Christians and their ministries who have all joined in devoting their time, effort and unconditional love for the lost. In this often-disparaged location, with stark contrasts of newly homeless and many newcomers to Canada side-by-side with street-hardened criminals, drug dealers, addicts, gang members and prostitutes, as well as many hundreds of others, in the last 30 years thousands of people have been rescued and saved by Jesus and healed of many diseases through this foundational ministry. And all through this same time, the Followers Mission has experienced spiritual and physical growth as well. Now officially registered as a non-profit charitable organization, it has a base of faithful supporters, providing finances, manpower, prayer, groceries, bakery items provided by Costco (Vaughn branch) and used clothing. The need is always growing but God provides.


For the World Mission to the Nations

Report from YoungWha Kang:

Ever since a short term mission trip to Russia 1992, we went yearly to different nations of the world. Past Missions have included, India, Thailand, Mongolia, Tibet, China, North Korea, Europe and across Canada until 2000. Then since 2002, the Lord called us to prepare in China which is a gate for Israel, to establish “the Prayer House” (we called it Watch Tower) in Beijing, China to aim for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Until 2009, the watch tower worked as the gathering place for world-wide intercessors to pray for China. As well we extended mission journeys from China to the Middle East, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Beirut, Egypt and Israel. From 2009 until now, the Lord newly assigned us for the Pacific Ocean through Hawaii, Japan and Philippines and then stretched that to the Atlantic Ocean, from east coast of Canada to Miami. Florida, US. As we still run for His kingdom being established on this earth. Then since 2011, when the east coast of Japan was hit by the Tsunami, we started to stand for the Revival of Japan, and set up the Prayer House in Tokyo in 2018, as we continually go with teams to pray through the entire land of Japan. Our target was to reach the nations through the 2020 Tokyo Olympic, but even during the pandemic we still stood through the prayer house and recently extended it to do Homeless ministries. For this reason we anticipate his great movement by His Spirit as we stand with our full hearts for the nations. Therefore, every first Monday of each month we all gather as one, from different backgrounds and tongues, but seeking HIM only, purposing His kingdom.

Supported Overseas Missions

  • Philippines - Oasis Family Church
  • Jordan - Sarah and Elisha Shim
  • Japan Prayer House - 1-3-14, Takasago, Tokyo, Katsushika Ku, Japan
  • One Other Church in a Restricted Country

Events Are For All

Sunday 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Our Sunday outreach service grew to become an urban evangelical church, which extends our shared experience of the love of Jesus Christ with the community of which we are a part. All are welcome, as we invite people from the street to join in the community gathering – to introduce people to the hope found through faith in Jesus Christ, and to enjoy Bible teaching and fellowship together. Rooted in the love of God and His Word, we teach all to desire to love and obey Him, and have fellowship with each other. We offer a ministry time in the power of Christ, and recently also have a professional counsellor on hand. The service is lead by various speakers and worship leaders, and lunch follows after. We really treasure all who are regular attenders.

1st Monday of each Month 6 - 9 PM

We believe that intercession allows us to partner with what God has ordained for this earth. We join together as one family from different tribes and tongues with one heart and one mind in prayer seeking the Lord for only purposing His kingdom and His power, to be released in this world. As watchmen for God’s kingdom, intercessors pray spreading the gospel across the globe. Each month we gather regularly for prayer, and in doing so we obtain the strength and direction required to carry out God’s plan.

Tuesday 5:30 - 7:30 PM

During the warm months we gather outside with banners and voices raised for this neighbourhood. A worship team leads in songs of praise, skits and relevant messages. Moss Park with tall trees directly across the street from the mission and fronting the busy Queen and Sherbourne, is the location God chose for this outdoor table of His delight – the foundation of this ministry. (Recently The City of Toronto started construction for a new subway line, so right now we serve the seasonal food along the sidewalk in front of the church.) This outreach is orchestrated by many different teams from various churches as they hear Jesus’ call to come to serve the food and reach the lost, and minister to them individually. In the winter this outreach continues but we call the people to come inside.

Wednesday 10 AM

Thursday 9 PM - 12 AM

Our team stands as the Kneeling Army to stand, offering prayerful backing for those who are the New-comers through the outreach, for the community and for our individual team. This intercession time is agreeing with what the Lord has said He will do to bring justice to us to go forward with confidence to carry this Homeless ministry.

Friday 7 - 9 PM

A relaxed and welcome evening really emphasizing the love of Jesus Christ, every Friday night we have a meeting with a variety of motivational speakers, aiming to grow in passion for Jesus and compassion for people who are in need. The focus of the Friday evening message is the living hope in Christ and healing, as they receive the physical and mental healing. Sometimes they want to have simple fellowship and resting time. And the people who come are seeking more of God. Often some guests come in drunk and rowdy, just walking in and out with loud disturbances, but others would sit quietly and somehow during the message they sober up enough to have their hearts convicted, then salvation comes. We also serve coffee and bakery treats.

Yearly Event In December

We celebrate His name in this season and share GOD’s love for the broken-hearted in this community. We open this event for multiple groups from various denominations to join to serve as one family in Christ. With a special Christmas Carol street concert, many believers are involved to prepare and serve the Turkey Banquet dinner for all on the street, with individually packed gifts for 300 people.

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